The safety meeting is the most efficient tool in getting employees to quickly embrace and buy-in to the safety program.

the-perfect-safety-meeting_thumbYou’ve been to safety meetings that missed the mark – boring, disengaging, forgettable. One-hour meeting or full-day stand-down events, safety meetings are not known for being fun. This book is designed to help you build safety meetings that work.

The Perfect Safety Meeting is a 100-page book packed full of ideas, tips and strategies, including:

  • where you should hold your safety meetings
  • who gets to speak at your safety meeting
  • seating and room set-ups and why it matters
  • the biggest mistake that safety meetings make
  • and much, much more...

As a meetings industry consultant and presenter for fifteen years, Kevin Burns has seen it all. This book will help you build a safety meeting that works.

The Perfect Safety Meeting will transform your safety meetings from legal requirements to can't-miss events that engage employees, create buzz and ultimately, get employees to buy-in to safety.