The CareFull Supervisor's Code

I am a CareFull supervisor ...

and I believe in thoughtful decisions and deliberate actions.

I believe in the power of teamwork. And, that safety should be part of our lifestyles.

I believe that bare minimums in anything are for the lazy and uninspired. That safety laws and legislation are supposed to be a starting point, not the end goal. And that Monday is never an excuse for my quality of work, and neither is Friday.

I believe in conversations that matter. That most people are good and want to do good.

And, I believe in owning the results of my life, whatever they may be.

I believe that quality in anything comes from the attention I put on it. That there are no do-overs.

And, I believe in being intentional and doing what I say.

I believe in and encourage speaking up because every voice matters. In asking questions because they matter. In participating fully because everyone matters.

I believe that my people are valuable. And that anyone on my team can be a leader without a title.

I believe that I can make safety meaningful; one person at a time. And that safety, at its very core, is about how I look after and care for my team.

Because I am a CareFull supervisor, I believe they're worth it.

- Kevin Burns


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