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The Safety Leader's Code

I Believe …
In thoughtful decisions and deliberate actions. In the power of teamwork. And, that safety, regardless of age, should fit in with your lifestyle.

That bare minimums in anything is for the lazy and uninspired. That laws and legislation are supposed to be a starting point, not an end goal. That Monday is never an excuse, and neither is Friday.

In conversations that matter. That most people are good and want to do good. And, in owning the results of your life, whatever they may be.

That quality in anything comes from the attention you put on it. That there are no do-overs. And, in being intentional and doing what you say.

In speaking up because it matters. In asking questions because they matter. In participating fully because you matter.

That people are valuable. That you can be a leader without a title. And, that the things you do and people you touch will be considered your lasting legacy.

We have over-complicated safety. We've made it about rules, and legislation, and process and we've forgotten that safety, at its very core, is about people.

We can make safety meaningful; one person and one workplace at a time. I believe it’s worth it.

- Kevin Burns

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