The New Safety Model

In my work as a safety management consultant, I’ve seen that when safety professionals and frontline supervisors begin to understand workplace safety personally, they reach a new tipping point in safety compliance and safety success.

It’s why I developed PeopleWork, a new people-centered approach to safety in the workplace.

PeopleWork combines four critical components of what I call the M4 Method to achieve the next level in safety:

  • Management
  • Meetings
  • Marketing
  • Motivation

The M4 Method is a tool that’s used to directly help supervisors and safety people build on-the-job relationships that support safety from the ground up. It’s a new way of getting employee buy-in, the most critical component of company safety programs.

Bringing Safety Directly to You

Through speaking presentations and consulting with industry and company leaders, safety teams, and frontline supervisors, I lay out the practical solutions that all safety people can master. It’s a people-centered approach that yields remarkable gains in both workplace safety and employee productivity.

Let me be your guide to a new way of managing safety in your workplace. Find out how organizations across Canada and the U.S. are bringing people-centered principles into their safety programs and establishing safety as a personal and company-wide value.

Contact us for consultation, speaking engagements, workshops, and video conferencing. Find out how PeopleWork can change the safety conversation and culture in your organization.