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Helping people care about safety, their work, and looking out for each other.

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consulting services and safety speaking that rally organizations

Building engagement in safety and how people get their work done.

What if you could build better buy-in to safety to create a more safety-focused culture?

What if you could get batter participation and engagement into your safety meetings?

What if you had an easy-to-implement plan putting management and employees on the same page in safety?

"Our focus in bringing Kevin in was to sustain our excellent safety record.
While we're doing so well, we want to maintain that performance."


People who care about what they do, care about how they do it. In other words, people who don't care about their work, obviously don't care about safely doing the work.

When you improve the engagement, the buy-in, the perceptions, the participation and the teamwork in safety, you change the safety culture. That's exactly what we help you to do.

For 20 years, Kevin has been consulting with organizations facing the same issues and speaking at safety meetings. Now it's your turn. Let's help your people care about their work, care about safely doing the work and care about looking out for each other.


"Words can not express the impact Kevin has had on our company.
Would our people have been ready for Kevin a few years ago? No way.
But today he was exactly what they needed to hear."


Add a positive, high-energy component to your safety program. Get your people to rally around their work, their safety and each other.

Get Kevin to speak at a safety event, or, improve the perception and uptake of safety buy-in by having Kevin work with your safety committee and management team over several months to help you develop a guided plan to Accelerate Safety in your workplace.

Here's the 1-2-3 of getting started:

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Let's talk about your results, your vision of safety culture, and what you would like to have happen. Then, let's talk about your options.   Safety leadership presentations, engagement, communications and implementation strategies. All the info you need to decide. Launch your own easy-to-implement plan built around your own core safety values. Increase safety engagement, awareness and teamwork.

Take the first step. 

First, let's talk. Then, let us deliver a proposal that outlines everything you and your management team need to know to be able to make a decision. Let's get working on a plan together, one that builds momentum and accelerates your safety program.

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