Making safety personal by using positive solutions, personal leadership and buy-in!

The biggest challenge for any organization is to constantly find new ways to keep employees engaged in safety that don't involve gruesome photos and injury stories. These are old, tired, fear-based tactics that just don't work.

Employees resist buying-in to a boring program of checks, forms, paperwork and fear-based tactics.

Is it any surprise that employees are resistant when they see safety presented as nothing more than that?

Kevin Burns can change that.

When people buy-in to safety and improve their personal leadership in safety, the need for rules enforcement disappears.

When employees develop their own personal leadership skills, they make better choices. Kevin Burns helps your people do that and to come to safety willingly. He helps people make better choices and choose safety as one of their personal values.

Kevin makes safety fun, engaging, easily understood and positive, all while aligning with and supporting your safety program.

Kevin Burns is the CEO of ZeroSpeak Corporation and principal consultant at M4 Management Consultants. He is also the author of the M4 Method of interpersonal management skills development for supervisory and safety personnel. He is an internationally recognized speaker in safety leadership. He is the author of ten books on human performance and safety including The Perfect Safety Meeting and his forthcoming book, PeopleWork: The Human Touch In Workplace Safety. He is based in Calgary, Canada.

"The purpose of a fruit tree isn't to grow fruit, but to grow another tree."


The purpose of developing safety leaders is to create more safety leaders. When you create more safety leaders, you reduce the need for compliance enforcement and policing. You create a stronger team, better communication, and greater engagement. You build a strong safety culture.

Here's what working with Kevin can help your organization do: 

  • better engagement and buy-in to safety,
  • reduced policing and rules enforcement,
  • increased teamwork and camaraderie,
  • better communication and openness,
  • lower turnover and reduced attrition, 
  • better staff attraction and retention,
  • improved profile as an employer of choice
  • better margins and profits from production. 

Kevin Burns frames safety in a way that your people have never heard before. Kevin helps increase your safety program's success.

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Kevin has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets