A positive solution to improve engagement, communication and buy-in to safety!

Getting people to choose safety as one of their personal values takes a unique approach while still supporting the safety program. The biggest challenge for any safety department is to constantly find new ways to keep employees engaged in safety that don't involve gruesome photos and injury stories.

Safety, to employees, is boring and restrictive. They resist buying-in to a program of checks, forms, paperwork and fear-based tactics.

Safety is presented as a series of rules to be enforced, paperwork to fill out and processes to review. It then gets reinforced through gory photos and gut-wrenching injury stories, especially in safety meetings. Is it any surprise that employees are resistant when they see safety as nothing more than that?

Kevin Burns can change that.

Kevin Burns can help your employees see the light and come to safety willingly. Kevin makes safety fun, engaging, and easily understood, all while aligning with and supporting your safety program.

Kevin Burns is an expert in how to get through to people - how to talk with them so they hear and understand.

Kevin's presentations will help your organization reach the following goals: 

  • better engagement and buy-in to safety,
  • reduced need for rules enforcement,
  • increased teamwork and camaraderie,
  • better communication and openness,
  • lower turnover and reduced attrition, 
  • better staff attraction and retention,
  • improved profile as an employer of choice
  • better margins and profits from production. 

Kevin Burns brings certainty to the table by framing safety in a way that your people have never heard before. Kevin helps increase your safety program's success.

Kevin has been featured by the following media outlets:

Kevin has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets