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If you want to build a culture based on safety attitudes - something more than just simple compliance - if you want to get safety buy-in, get Kevin Burns.

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Integrating Personal Leadership Skills With Safety Attitude

Safety and leadership share the same traits. Build personal leadership skills and you build safety performance. Increase safety attitude and you build safety culture.

Kevin Burns works with companies and organizations who want more than just simple compliance. After all, safety is something you buy into as a personal value - something that will survive the workplace gates and that will keep families safe too. Develop the right attitudes around safety, and you need not police them into compliance.

Kevin Burns does two things:

  1. deliver highly engaging, entertaining safety keynote presentations at safety meetings, safety events and association meetings (view the video above to see more)
  2. offer consulting advice on building better, more engaging safety communications strategies that help safety professionals get their people to buy-in

How Kevin Burns Can Help

As a safety meetings consultant, safety speaker and eight-time author, Kevin Burns can help you get your people to develop better a safety attitude and buy-in to safety in a way that makes them proud to be safe.

For managers and safety professionals, Kevin offers practical ideas and strategies to help build solid safety cultures based on the premise of increasing safety attitudes that build safety leaders. For employees, Kevin helps build safety meetings that your people actually look forward to going to. 

Kevin is opinionated, blunt, direct, funny, thought-provoking, incredibly well-researched and usually … right! And that makes for a very entertaining and eye-opening safety meeting. He can say the things that need to be said in a way you could never say them. 

If you want a safety culture that is based on more than just simple compliance, something that your people own and live even when they are not at work, call us and ask how Kevin Burns can help you make it happen.

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