Why is it so hard to get employees to buy-in to the safety program?

Getting people to choose safety as one of their personal values takes a unique approach while still supporting the safety program.

The biggest challenge for any safety department is to constantly find new ways to keep employees engaged in safety.

Safety, to employees, is boring and restrictive. They resist buying-in to a program of checks, forms and paperwork.

Safety is presented as a series of rules to be enforced, paperwork to fill out and processes to review. It then gets reinforced that way, especially in safety meetings. Is it any surprise that when employees are hounded for paperwork and process reviews that they see safety as nothing more than that?

A successful safety culture requires a foundation of employee buy-in. Without it, you will be feeding the monster - spending large amounts of money - and still never achieve success.

Kevin Burns can change that. Kevin Burns can help your employees see the light and come to safety willingly. All while still supporting your existing safety program.

Safety is not as a straight-ahead program of paperwork and procedures. Safety is a tool that helps people and organizations to achieve their long-term goals.

Safety becomes the tool that gets your people from where they are (in the present) to where they want to be (in the future).

Safety is a vehicle that connects employees to three things:

  1. continuous-cash-flow (regular income),
  2. their long-term personal goals, an
  3. their personal legacy (how they will be remembered).

Without safety, all of it is at risk. Without buying-in to safety for themselves they are, by default, allowing chance and luck to dictate their life results.

Kevin brings certainty to the table by framing safety in a way that your people have never heard before. Kevin helps increase the odds of your safety program's success.

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