A People-Centered Approach To Safety

You face some tough issues in safety: lack of safety engagement, employees taking safety shortcuts and viewing safety as a rules exercise are just a few. You really want to change this but face some tough questions:

  • How do you improve engagement in the work, quality of production, and the willingness to do it safely?
  • How do you integrate personal ownership of safety with employees?
  • How do you shift your safety culture from simple rules compliance to a safety leadership community?

You start with the way people engage with each other; employees and managers. Engaged employees take pride in their work. Engaged workplaces care about quality. Engaged organizations are highly productive. And, engaged employees take workplace safety personally. Simply put, improve your people at all levels, value them, increase their engagement levels and you improve the things they do: quality, production and safety.

I help you take a people-centered approach to safety in the workplace.

Together, we combine four critical components to improve engagement levels and to build a workplace of safety leaders:

  • Management
  • Meetings
  • Marketing
  • Motivation

Let's help connect employees with supervisors and safety personnel. Let's build on-the-job engaged relationships that support safety from the ground up. Let's get better employee buy-in to safety, the most critical component of building a strong and participative safety culture. 

Bringing Safety Directly to You

For 20 years, I've been working directly with companies and associations through speaking presentations and consulting. Engaging with industry and company leaders, safety teams, frontline supervisors and employees at all levels, I have helped front-line teams and management to lay out the practical solutions that everyone can master. It’s a people-centered approach that yields remarkable gains in both workplace safety and employee productivity.

It's a process that helps put everyone on the same page and rally around the common theme of safety. Find out how organizations across Canada and the U.S. are bringing people-centered principles into their safety programs and establishing safety as a personal and company-wide value.

Contact us for consultation, speaking engagements, workshops, and video conferencing. Find out how PeopleWork can change the safety conversation and culture in your organization.