Care. Safety. Teamwork. 

I help people to care about their own safety, to care about their work, and to care about looking out for each other.

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Caring about things that matter, like safety.


Have you noticed that the things that we really care about are very personal to us? People who care about what they do, care about how they do it. It's personal. And, the people who don't care about their work, obviously don't care about safely doing the work.

My wife once pointed out to me that I lose my sh*t when people don't care. 

As a result, I've made it my mission to help people to care; about their work, about their safety, and about looking out for others.

When people give their best, take pride in what they do, and look after the people they do it with, it's the best place to work. When people make it personal, it matters.




"Words can not express the impact Kevin has had on our company.
Would our people have been ready for Kevin a few years ago? No way.
But today he was exactly what they needed to hear."


For over 20 years, I have been working with organizations just like yours, most who are facing the same issues: how to make people care more, about work, safely doing the work, and looking out for one another. 

I care about the kind of work I do. If it's not fun for me, it's sure not going to be any fun for you. So, I bring a positive, high-energy component to your safety program and company culture.

Let's get your people to care more about their work, their safety and each other.

I can speak at one of your safety events to drive home the importance of caring about safety. And, I can work alongside your good people over a period of months to develop strategies to build care, safety and teamwork into your culture.

Let's talk about the best way to help your team find their "care" in safety.

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