Build trust with employees.
Create better engagement.
Get employee buy-in to safety.

Supervisor programs that deliver the skills employees want supervisors to have.

Leadership for frontline supervisors.

As the backbone of any successful safety program, competent supervisors play a vital role in achieving success. But technical knowledge is not enough. They need coaching and communication skills that will help them create trusting teams and drive improved safety performance.

That's where PeopleWork Supervisor comes in!

The PeopleWork Supervisor Program

PeopleWork Supervisor is an 8-week leadership program that delivers short videos to your supervisors every day.

We supplement the daily videos with bi-weekly Zoom meetings in small groups.

And if Zoom meetings are tough to schedule, we offer our new asynchronous video version for the full 8 weeks.

All sessions, livestream and asynchronous, are hosted by Kevin Burns.


Monday Mentor Program

After the 8-week PeopleWork Supervisor program has ended, we keep the learning going for 44 more weeks. Every Monday, supervisors will get video tips, ideas, and strategies to continue developing their skills.

Your supervisors need to stay up to date on the latest trends in supervisory. And Monday Mentor delivers.

Our weekly videos ensure your supervisors set aside time each week to build on their learning. A very important part of developing their supervisory effectiveness.

Why supervisors rate this program so highly

PeopleWork Supervisor is a more effective way of coaching supervisors in leadership than the conventional approach of sitting them in a classroom and force-feeding them information.

Instead, we introduce only one new idea per day. Then, we let your supervisors get comfortable with the new technique before moving on to something else. Minutes after learning a new skill, they can go use it while it's still fresh.

3-Step Process for Supervisor Effectiveness


Watch the daily supervisor videos

For 8 weeks, short microlearning videos are delivered via email daily. You can improve in about 5-min/day.


Join in the conversations

Whether on a Zoom call or on Async video, participate fully to get the best results for your team.


Watch your team results improve

Gain the skills for coaching, motivation, communication, and trust-building with teams.

"I’m not going to lie, I first started opening these Monday Mentor videos because I felt like I should, not necessarily because I wanted to. Well, it turns out I’m definitely getting something from them."

- Curt S.

Curt S.


"I got the tools to know my team. It was reassuring to know other supervisors struggle with a lot of the same questions as I had. Getting to interact and get their feedback was valuable to me."

- Jeremy P.



No one has more influence over employee behavior than frontline supervisors.
Give your supervisors the skills they need to succeed.

Let Kevin Burns show you the PeopleWork Supervisor program.

Everything employees know about how-we-do-things-'round-here they learn through their supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring employee safety and creating a workplace that reflects a strong safety culture.

Our coaching and learning programs provide up-to-date strategies, insights, and skill sets for front-line supervisors and employees. Best of all, they don't need to leave the field.

We bring the learning to them, anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

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