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A leadership program that equips frontline supervisors to create safety-focused teams.

Every company needs a strong safety program. But without competent supervisors who are prepared to lead the program on the ground, it's impossible to be successful.

Supervisors need more than just technical knowledge. They need coaching, communication, and empowerment skills. The skills to build teams, create trusting relationships, and motivate their teams in safety.

Welcome to PeopleWork Supervisor

We know that your frontline supervisors are massively overworked and under-trained, so we send them short, concise, on-the-go learning videos every day for 8 weeks. We supplement the video learning with bi-weekly small group Zoom sessions hosted by Kevin Burns. Then, we follow it all up with 44 weeks of ongoing video learning. 

And the best news of all? None of your supervisors will ever see the inside of a classroom.

We bring the learning to wherever supervisors are; on the floor or in the field. We don't take your supervisors away from their teams. We deliver learning that supervisors can put to work right away.


I had high expectations coming into this program and they've all been exceded. I'd like to see all of our managers and supervisors go through this program.- Chris A.


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Why this program works.

Supervisors are always busy. They have a lot on their plate. So we're here to help. Our daily learning videos are short, condensed, and delivered conveniently to a mobile device or computer in a small amount of time each day. Supervisors can keep up with the latest skills and practices for coaching, team building, leadership, and mentoring without worrying about schedules or classroom times!


Having worked with hundreds of frontline supervisors in many different industries, we have honed this program to deliver the skills and tools that exceptional supervisors possess. 

The world of business is always changing - and so are the skills needed for success. With our wide variety of in-demand topics from coaching to safety, you'll never run out of things to learn as we continue to release new content.

Supervisors can stay current and keep up with changing demands in today's society - all from their phones!

Your supervisors can take what they learn and apply it the same day. It's everything you need to rocket your supervisors to the next level; leaders of safety and engagement.

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Equip your supervisors with the leadership skills employees want most from them.

After successfully completing PeopleWork Supervisor, your supervisors will possess the tools and skills to support the safety program, coach their teams, and be shining examples of safety leadership. Here are just some of what they will learn:

  • key strategies to transform themselves into effective supervisors,
  • tools to build a cohesive team willing to look out for each other,
  • methods for creating employee buy-in to the safety program,
  • skills to communicate effectively with their team on safety,
  • techniques to keep their teams from slipping into complacency,
  • blueprints for self-motivation and team motivation,
  • the confidence to build effective relationships, build trust, and promote safety,
  • the leadership skills to be able to move up within the organization.


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Why supervisors rate this program so highly.

No one has more influence on the day-to-day activities of front-line employees than supervisors. With 30+ years of experience in management and communications (with a focus on safety), we have seen how safety leadership for supervisors can be used as an organizational lever to create real, lasting change. 

PeopleWork Supervisor is a more effective way of coaching supervisors in leadership than the conventional approach of sitting them in a class and force-feeding them information. 

PeopleWork Supervisor utilizes the techniques of professional coaches who train their athletes to work on one thing at a time. We introduce only one new idea per day. Then, we let your supervisors get comfortable with the new technique before moving on to something else.

This is the reason why the supervisors we've worked with rate this program so highly. The same day they learn a skill, they can go use it 10-minutes later, while it's still fresh.

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Kevin Burns facilitates each coaching session

In the past, safety was traditionally viewed as a compliance issue (it still is for many companies, sadly). But Kevin saw the potential for safety to be used as an organizational lever to shift safety culture.

It's not just about teaching employees how to use PPE or keeping them safe from harm—it's about changing their core attitudes about how they view safety. 

Author of the international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety, Kevin personally leads each daily video, weekly video, and every roundtable Zoom discussion, answering questions, encouraging ideas exchanges, and getting every supervisor to participate fully. 


So, how did PeopleWork Supervisor come about?

Years ago, while preparing to deliver a presentation at a safety meeting, Kevin listened to a management team lament the recent departure of one of their top supervisors. But it wasn't just the supervisor who left. In the 90 days following the departure of their supervisor, all ten members of the supervisor's team handed in their resignations and joined their old boss at a new employer. 

Kevin wondered: "What would make ten employees leave a good job to join an old boss at a new employer? What kind of supervisor can make that happen?"

That began a journey into what is now PeopleWork Supervisor.

Your supervisors deserve to get the best skills available to lead their teams to safety.

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