Build supervisory leadership skills.
Clarify and simplify the safety message.
Get employee buy-in to safety.

Does the thought of inconsistent team performance have you stressed out?

Questions and uncertainty?

  • Do you want your supervisors to take a more active role in leading the safety program?
  • Are you concerned about complacency with incident numbers inching up?
  • Do you wish your teams would be better engaged in their work and safety?

You are not alone.

When faced with team performance issues and questions about safety, the standard response is to double down on rules.

But you don't need more rules. You need more employees to buy-in to what you're trying to do with the safety program. 

And that takes a very different approach.

For over 25 years we've been helping companies just like yours to overcome safety and performance problems. And in a way that builds trust, respect, accountability, and teamwork. 


Supervisors are the key.

We start with the largest influence on performance: supervisors.

Our frontline learning programs provide ongoing strategies, insights, and skill sets for supervisors. Best of all, supervisors don't need to leave the field. 

With our virtual programs' global availability in any time zone or shift schedule, everyone has access!

Supervisors can continue to improve at any time of the day or night. And no boring classrooms.

Once supervisors acquire the skills employees want them to have, the whole team follows.

Follow the 3-step plan to improve performance:


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Launch your new plan

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Celebrate safety culture

Celebrating safety performance always feels better than worrying.

"Our company has been working with KevBurns Learning for about three years now. And we have committed to two more years. A testament to how much of a difference these programs have made for our people and culture."

- Billy Shearer, TX


"Other outfits may teach leadership skills, but none would have customized the program to accommodate our mill the way you did. The message, the steps, the method of delivery, the professionalism, and charisma. This is the whole package." 

- Kim Grant, BC


You deserve to create team enthusiasm for safety!

The book that's changing how companies do safety.

Author Kevin Burns' international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety, provides the foundation for every one of our programs.

To successfully shift safety culture, we know that you have to focus on three main areas:

  • Building supervisor leadership skills. 
  • Clarifying and simplifying the safety message.
  • Getting employee buy-in to the safety program.

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