Build supervisory leadership skills.
Give supervisors the tools to succeed.
Grow more long-term leaders.

Do Your Frontline Supervisors Have the Skills to Become Your Organization’s Greatest Asset?

Have your supervisors been set up to fail?

How do you pick supervisors? The most senior person or the rock star employee? Promote them to supervisor without the skills necessary to be successful and they are going to fail.

Ignore mechanical equipment and it will fail—the same with people. Without maintenance, they are going to fail.

A cross-your-fingers-and-hope-nothing-happens strategy cannot be sustained for either parts or people.

You are not alone.

For over 25 years we've been helping companies just like yours to overcome performance and safety problems. And in a way that builds trust, respect, accountability, and teamwork. 

But you know how challenging it is to build and maintain a solid team of supervisors. What it takes to attract, retain, and develop the best talent for your supervisory roles.

Empower your supervisors with the leadership skills that employees want them to have and you create an abundance of emerging leaders with the ability to step up and move up!


Supervisors are the key.

That is why we start with the largest influence on frontline performance: supervisors.

New or experienced, we help supervisors develop a care-based leadership style that boosts engagement and retention.

We help them improve key communication skills, and most of all, how to lead by example.

And we do it while creating a safe and positive work environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. 

Follow the 3-step plan to improve culture!


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What our clients say!

"Our company has worked this program for four years now. A testament to how much of a difference it's made."

- Billy Shearer, NBU Texas


"The message, the steps, the method of delivery, the professionalism, and charisma. This is the whole package." 

- Kim Grant, Paper Excellence BC


Books that make a difference!


The skills employees want supervisors to have!

Equip your frontline supervisors with the tools and skills that employees want their supervisors to have. Whether a seasoned supervisor or just starting, this book shows supervisors how to lead with confidence and care - qualities that are essential for success in today's workplace.

This book is a game-changer for anyone in a leadership role.The CareFull Supervisor: The Tools to Succeed and Be the Supervisor Employees Want to Have by Kevin Burns shatters the traditional view of supervisory roles, exposing a profound understanding: as a supervisor, your team doesn't work for you - you work for them.


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The book that's changing how companies do safety.

Workplace safety is failing. Despite better procedures now in place on the job, people are still getting hurt. The problem lies in our thinking. We must shift the focus from rules to relationships.

In author Kevin Burns' international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety, he presents his M4 Method of people-centered management for safety in the workplace. He lays out the practical, how-to steps that frontline supervisors and safety people can master.

With PeopleWork, you can raise workplace safety to a level where it actually works.


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