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Supervisors improve safety performance

According to OSHA, "Employee engagement in safety programs has been identified as a key factor in improving safety."

Without buy-in from everyone, especially supervisors, how can we expect safety to improve?


We have a solution

Supervisors are the single greatest influence on the day-to-day activities of employees. 

Our live coaching and training programs are designed to equip supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become outstanding safety leaders.

By teaching the skills to build relationships with their employees, and promote the message of safety throughout the workplace, supervisors can lead the way to improved safety performance.

It's been a great 12 weeks. I've got better insight into the employees, their perspective of safety, and what they expect from me. It's improved how we as a company treat people and in how we get their commitments to safety. - Herbie W.

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Supervise effectively. Communicate clearly. 

Supervisor leadership training made easy

Kevin Burns, a leader in the safety field, is here to help you tackle the toughest challenge of your career: how to get your supervisors on board with safety.

The conventional approach to training supervisors is to sit them down in a classroom for a few days and force-feed them a ton of information. And then, cross your fingers hoping they got it all.

Our approach is different.

We coach your supervisors live each week. We start with some video learning modules and follow them up with live, group discussions. You will find your supervisors pick up the materials fast because they can internalize them.

Then, through discussion, we help them get clarity on the tools. An hour later, they can take those tools and go make them work. 


And the best news is that we don’t take your people out of service for days at a time.

We do it one hour a week so they can take what they learned that day and put it to work right away.

This program helped me one hundred percent. I find myself now wanting to be a good leader, to approach my team better and talk with them more. They now come to me to ask questions, something they never used to do. This program worked for me. - Gerald F.

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Supervisor leadership improves how companies do safety.

We train supervisors to lead safety.

The supervisor safety leadership training programs are designed to help supervisors better manage their teams, build loyal relationships, and keep their crews safe by effectively communicating safety.

Our training programs work for supervisors at all levels in almost any industry. We help your supervisors to become better leaders by improving their competence in caring, communication, and team-building. 

This program helped me to develop the confidence to connect with my team, to communicate with them, and to build relationships with them. Since starting this program, I've had my own team members come to me to tell what a great job I've been doing. - Markel G.

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Where do you start?

Start by clicking the "schedule a video call" button below. We'll work with you one-on-one to determine what steps are needed to get your supervisors on board with safety. Once we know that, we will deliver a program that matches your company's budget, time constraints, and supervisor experience.

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Kevin Burns is an international bestselling author, management consultant, and speaker.

Kevin Burns has been working for 30+ years in management consulting, marketing, and communications, with a specialty in safety. He is the author of the international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety.

In 2020, PeopleWork was voted #7 of the Top Workplace Safety Books Of All Time (by

Kevin is also the author of The Perfect Safety Meeting which readers from around the world have used to revitalize their safety meetings.

Having given thousands of highly engaging speeches for companies and safety conferences across North America, Kevin Burns is able to bring that same energy and experience to our interactive supervisor leadership training programs online.

Your people will look forward to these online supervisory leadership coaching sessions.

Start with a conversation with Kevin Burns. Get your questions answered about our innovative approach to building company-wide buy-in to safety.

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