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Improving safety culture by connecting hearts and minds of employees.

Capturing the hearts and minds of employees simply creates a better place to work. When your people look forward to coming to work, you get better participation and that means better quality and safety. But the process of capturing employee hearts and minds has never been put together as a program - until now. 

Together, we create a program where your people are more willing to look out for each other, to be accountable and to increase their participation in safety. A movement that captures the hearts and minds of your people to inspire them to want to work better, safer. More importantly, you take control of your safety program and reduce your worry level which gives you more time to coach better performance.

It starts with a phone call where we have a discussion about the vision for your team. 

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The book that is changing how companies do safety.

Build your safety program around teamwork, get employee buy-in, and win hearts and minds.

Who is it that is ultimately responsible for capturing the hearts and minds of employees in safety? It should be no surprise that it's the supervisors and front-line safety people. But have they been armed to appeal to hearts and minds? Can they create elite teams of performers? 

To capture hearts and minds in safety, you need 4 things: better management skills, engaging safety meetings, an internal marketing strategy, and a heavy dose of employee motivation.

Do these 4 things right (the M4 Methodâ„¢) and you will connect and earn the trust of your people. You will build solid teams of safety performers who care about each other, respect each other and look out for each other. That's what happens when you have hearts and minds.

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You won't get hearts and minds by focusing on more safety.

To improve safety culture, the answer isn't more safety.

Contrary to what you might think, you won't find the answer to improving safety culture inside your safety program. If traditional safety could improve culture, safety engagement and motivation problems, it would have done it by now.

Safety isn't about numbers. It's about people. You need a program that goes beyond appealing only to the brain logically. You need to get to the heart level as well. The heart level is where you improve morale, inspire teamwork, and build better communication.

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Who I work with.

I work with companies that want to be leaders in their industry segment. Companies that want their people to care about the quality of work they do, and to look out for the people they do it with. The companies I work with want to attract the best people, to build the best teams and to protect their people and their clients by doing safety beyond the bare minimum. We don't do checkbox safety. We do hearts and minds safety.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing, communications and management consulting, with a specialty in safety, I bring a unique perspective. Together, we engage and energize your safety culture, get employees to buy-in to safety, and build teams that look out for each other. Together, we create a plan and program to capture the hearts and minds of employees in safety.

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