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Supervisors are the largest influence on safety performance in your company.

Frontline supervisors are the largest influence on employees, so it is important for them to be well trained as they shape the workplace culture. 

Employees don’t want box checkers and rules-enforcers for supervisors. There are certain skills that employees expect their supervisors to have. Skills like coaching, listening, and teambuilding. They want their supervisors to be mentors, coaches, and have relatable people skills to build two-way trust and respect.

Our 12-week supervisor leadership program delivers exactly that. And, our training model works. Weekly live coaching sessions enable supervisors to practice what they learn immediately after their coaching session. They get results fast while building trust and improving relationships.

I had high expectations coming into this program and they've all been exceded. I'd like to see all of our managers and supervisors go through this program.- Chris A.


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The skills employees want supervisors to have.

The most effective way for supervisors to learn leadership skills.

The old, broken training model of sitting supervisors in a classroom for days and throwing everything at them, and then crossing your fingers hoping they got it all, never did work.

We have re-thought the most efficient way to learn based on microlearning and how professional sports coaches do it: work on one skill at a time until it is familiar- then move on.

Our program works seamlessly with your schedule so there is no need for taking supervisors out of service for training for days at a time. After just one session, supervisors are using what they learned from the course on their teams, proving success from day one!

This program helped me to develop the confidence to connect with my team, to communicate with them, and to build relationships with them. Since starting this program, I've had my own team members come to me to tell what a great job I've been doing. - Markel G.

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Leadership is one of the most sought-after skillsets in the workplace.


Direct from the pages of PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety comes the PeopleWork Supervisor Leadership Program.

The PeopleWork Supervisor Leadership Program teaches you how to establish trust and maintain it so that your team members feel safe in their workplace.

And most importantly, supervisors learn how to let go of the anxiety that comes from being a supervisor by developing routines to ensure they are able to fulfill their primary role—leading.

What I got after 12 weeks were the tools to get to know my team. It was reassuring to know that other supervisors struggle with a lot of the same questions as I had. Getting the chance to interact with them and get their feedback was valuable to me. - Jeremy P.

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Safety leadership improves safety culture.

Kevin Burns is a thought-leader, author, consultant, and speaker.

Kevin Burns has been working for 30+ years in management consulting, marketing, and communications, with a specialty in safety. He is the author of the international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety.

In 2020, PeopleWork was voted #7 of the Top Workplace Safety Books Of All Time (by

Kevin is also the author of The Perfect Safety Meeting. Readers from around the world have used the book to revitalize their safety meetings.

Having given thousands of highly engaging speeches for companies and safety conferences across North America, Kevin Burns is able to bring that same energy and experience to our interactive supervisor leadership training programs online.

Your people will look forward to these online supervisory leadership coaching sessions.


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