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The time has come to go beyond traditional safety.

It's anything but normal from here on in. Meeting the bare minimums of safety won't be enough anymore once we are past the pandemic. 

We may need processes, procedures and rules. But, traditional safety doesn't address motivation, engagement or teamwork. And that's where safety as a lifestyle choice is made.

More "safety" won't improve safety performance. More people "buying-in" to safety will.

It takes a very different set of skills to make that happen.

Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

I got into safety by accident; just not the kind that creates a sad story to tell from the stage.

kevin-speaking-to-crowdOver two decades ago, after nearly ten years as an award-winning marketing and communications consultant, I was working with a senior management team to improve their leadership skills. At the end of our successful day, the CEO suggested my message would be a perfect fit for their front-line employees at a safety stand-down.

We then began to work with their safety department to prepare a similar leadership presentation focused on safety.

It was a home run; a welcome change from the typical compliance lectures and rule preaching.

That started my exclusive focus on helping organizations think about safety differently. And more importantly, show them how to connect with their employees in a way that they become part of the safety program.

I now encourage the people I work with to live by The Safety Leader's Code.

In safety, you can't be complacent.

If traditional safety methods could create employee buy-in to safety, it would have been done by now. But, to do it, you need expertise in management, meetings, marketing and motivation. 

Traditional safety programs don't have the expertise necessary in all four areas. But, I do.

I will guide you, bring an in-depth knowledge about the requirements of safety, and balance it with an external perspective.

These processes have been gathered from a wide cross-section of industries and workplaces and compiled into a series of programs – each with a balanced approach.

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