Build supervisor leadership skills.

Clarify the safety message.

Get employee buy-in to safety.

After 20+ years of giving safety speeches, we changed. Why?

You can't affect lasting change in an hour

Bringing in a motivational safety speaker for an hour can be energizing, but it doesn't lead to real change.

That's why we changed our business model to embrace ongoing training using micro-learning. It is so much more powerful.

By taking small bites of information and practicing regularly, your team can make lasting progress toward company goals.

Ongoing training works

Think about it - have you ever attended a great speech or seminar and felt super pumped up, only to go back to your daily routine and fall right back into old habits? It happens to the best of us.

You don't get in shape with one visit to the gym. With ongoing training, you're improving skills day by day.

You're not just getting motivated - you're actually changing the way you think and act.

Work with us for a year

Our virtual micro-learning programs have been shown to improve retention and engagement because you're able to absorb information without feeling overwhelmed.

We have a limited number of companies we can work with at one time to ensure regular training and learning of your people to make them better supervisors and leaders.

Invest in ongoing training through our micro-learning programs, and watch as the power of consistency leads to incredible growth.

Meet Kevin Burns

Author of the international bestseller, PeopleWork (and other books), Kevin is the person your team will work with. 

With over 25 years of experience delivering high-octane presentations and a 20-year background in broadcasting, our virtual micro-learning, live-stream, and asynchronous video programs are anything but boring.

We make learning fun. Your people will be captivated by an engaging learning experience!

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"I wanted better skills for safety meetings. What I got were skills to build personal relationships, prove my trust in a team setting, and then show that I mean it when I talk about safety. I think this program is incredible." 

- Curt S.

Curt S.

"I've been more willing to let my guys get to know me better. Something I just wasn't doing. But they want to and I see the value in building our team that way. And my new skills allow me to see them better too. "

- Bo K.


A safety standdown changed everything.

An oilwell drilling company had organized a standdown at a rural community center miles from nowhere, for their area rig employees. I was their guest speaker.

While the management team awaited the arrival of buses of employees, they lamented the loss of a rig manager who, 90 days previous, quit and walked across the street to a competing company.

Management was angry and openly showed it.

The safety manager approached me and asked, “are you understanding the discussion?”

“Seems like you lost a rig manager 3 months ago,” I replied. “What’s the big deal?”

The safety manager said, “We didn’t just lose the rig boss. Over the last 3 months, all ten of his crew have quit and followed him to the competition.”

“You mean the whole crew quit your company to follow their old boss?” I asked and he nodded. “Damn, we need to create more supervisors like that!”

That started the journey to what is now KevBurns Learning. 

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