Look Who’s Talking About Kevin

“The Messaging Was So Powerful”

I was at one of our Viterra sites and some colleagues were talking about safety messages. The Facility Manager at that site had attended a presentation that you had given earlier this year. He thought the messaging was so powerful that he had the messages printed and laminated and placed them throughout the common areas of the facility. Your presentation left a lasting impression on our staff.

Christine Collins, EH&S Business Partner, Viterra

“He was able to say things I couldn't.”

We had Kevin come in to help increase awareness around safety. We have a large group of office people who believe that safety is meant only for people doing digging in the streets. Kevin was able to bridge a lot of gaps and say things that maybe I couldn't because of my position. He connected with our people in a way that resonated with them - and created a little shock-and-awe which was of huge value.

Peter Reed, EHS Team Lead, City of Calgary

“He hit that mark for us.”

Over the last 24 months we have been very fortunate in no one getting hurt even though we've had in excess of 300,000 man hours of work performed here. Our focus in bringing Kevin here was to have him speak to the group to raise their awareness and also to appeal to their sense of interest of looking after one another. While we're doing so well, we want to maintain that performance. I believe he hit that mark for us. The group was engaged and we will achieve continued zero-performance based on raising awareness and raising each of our employees' interests in taking responsibility for their own safety and to continue to take responsibility for the safety of their workmates both here and at home.

Don Lacey, Director of Operations, 
Spectra Energy, Fort Nelson, BC

“He has the ability to get buy-in from people.”

Our people got really good value from it. This is the best safety meeting presentation that our people have ever seen. Looking around the room, you could see a lot of people who will carry this (learning from safety keynote) forward. Kevin really has the ability to get buy-in from people. He keeps people engaged and can roll out his ideas in a way that people are able to comprehend them and to understand them. He's really good about getting his point across.

Shawn Henn, Manager, Safety, Health and Loss Control, 
Trotter and Morton Group of Companies

“Down-to-earth, easy to implement, and very practical.”

It was an excellent session going through the principles of operating effectively within the safety perspective. Very inspiring and very persuasive conviction. The reaction from our employees was excellent. We look forward to implementing some of his ideas that he has put forward. Very down-to-earth, easy to implement and very practical.

Barry Faubert, Director of Human Resources
Strathcona Paper, Napanee, ON

“Everybody got the message.”

We have a (safety) record in place of seven years and if we want to get better we have to get better. The crowd was engaged and everybody got the message. This is something that we're going to pass on to all of the people at our mine site. We're doing crew meetings this week and we're going to pass the message on about what Kevin spoke about tonight.

Brian McKinnon, General Manager, 
Boundary Dam - Sherritt Coal, Estevan, SK

“He has a fresh approach to safety.”

We had Kevin speak for us at our safety banquet. The employees could relate to his message. Kevin has a fresh approach to safety. And I really think it will sink in with the employees. It was very enjoyable.

Michelle Shulda - HR Safety Manager, 
Sherritt Coal - Bienfait Mines, Estevan SK

“The biggest message.”

The biggest message to be taken away is to be with staff and to present yourself to staff and to spend time with them as often as possible to clear up and reinforce issues of the day. The second thing is to trust in how we do things and the way we do things by making sure that we clearly articulated that to the staff to make sure they're on the same page as management and supervisors - moving us in the same direction and same outcome.

Dennis Shewfelt, City Manager,
City of Whitehorse, Whitehorse, Yukon

“You bring the message that attitude and values are synonymous in safety.”

There are two realities in safety: the rules/tools and the culture that enables them. Culture is more important than the rules and tools. At ATCO Electric we have some of the best rules and tools. You were asked to address personal values and the mindset for safety that exists every day, at home, at play or at work. The values for safety and how they fundamentally link to attitude is not a business case. Your presentation brings the recognition that the “values” for safety do not change while everything else can. You also bring the message that safety attitude and safety values are synonymous.

– ATCO Electric

Three months after, we are still using his ideas.

Three months after the presentation, our Regional Managers are still using his ideas. In an hour, he made our jobs so much easier. Our retailers get it too. We're having more fun and more success.

– Petro-Canada

Exactly what they needed to hear!

Words can not express the impact Kevin has had on our company. His presentation was straight to the point. Would our people have been ready for Kevin a few years ago? No way. But today he was exactly what they needed to hear. He is definitely the Attitude Adjuster! We recommend that everyone attend Kevin's session. He is worth it!!

– ARC Energy Resources

Amazed at how well he did his homework.

I was amazed how well Kevin did his homework and was able to take his presentation and make it fit around our customer group. His words of wisdom helped them better perform in their own businesses. He got our message across without sounding like he worked for the company. He made such a huge impact on these business people that they have been calling us to have Kevin come and speak to their people. It was a message of great value and he changed their attitudes of blame (fluctuating commodity prices, tight labour markets, etc.,) into one of accountable performance in their respective businesses.

– Dow Agro-Sciences

Kevin has been a fabulous resource for me.

"Kevin has a way with words that makes sense – in everyday language that our people understand and appreciate. Kevin has been a fabulous resource for me as I work with our managers and supervisors to create a culture of greatness that includes attitudes of resilience, leadership, service, gratitude and more!"

– Mixcor Aggregates Inc.

We have taken away great value.

"Without a doubt, this is the best presentation at the Safe Driving Awards we have ever had. It was appropriate and relevant. Kevin had obviously done his homework and even though he was competing with a Playoff Hockey game, not a single person left their seat - a testament to an outstanding presentation of which we have taken away great value."

– Petroleum Services Association of Canada

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  • Encana
  • Petro-Canada
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  • Murphy Oil
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  • Laricina Energy
  • Lakota Drilling
  • Canadian Gas Association
  • Petroleum Industry Association of Canada
  • Petroleum Services Association of Canada


  • NAOSH Week
  • Manitoba Safety Council
  • Pacific Safety Centre
  • Alberta Health & Safety Conference
  • Saskatchewan Safety Council
  • Saskatchewan Oil Show
  • Medicine Hat Oil Show
  • Drug and Alcohol Council for Safe Alberta Workplaces
  • Edmonton Area Pipeline and Utility Operators Safety Conference
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Southeast Alberta Chapter
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Calgary Alberta Chapter


  • BC Public Service - Workplace Health & Safety
  • WCB Saskatchewan
  • Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
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  • National Energy Board
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  • North American Construction Group
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  • Dow Agro Sciences
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