Why Choose Kevin Burns For Your Next Safety Event? Safety Leadership Attitude.

Why Choose Kevin Burns
For Your Next Safety Event?
Safety Leadership Attitude.

Help Employees Find Their Personal Leadership Skills For Safety

Kevin Burns knows what gets people's attention, what they need to hear and how to engage them in a way that inspires them to want to be better safety performers. And they enjoy the meeting.

When's The Last Time Someone Said A Safety Meeting Was Enjoyable?

In addition to being an eight-time author on human motivation and performance, a management consultant and an award-winning marketing strategist, Kevin Burns has been working with safety managers, front-line supervisors and staff in safety for seventeen years.

Kevin comes from the Operations side of safety - integrating middle-management, leadership, Human Resources, engagement, recruiting/retention and marketing strategies into safety. He gets what motivates people, what appeals to them, what makes them want to engage in safety and he gets their attention. After all, you can't tell them anything if they're not paying attention.

Here are the four cornerstones of why you need to have Kevin Burns working with your people:

1Safety Buy-in Is Stronger Than Compliance - Compliance is a short-term safety strategy that requires enforcement over and over again. If you stop enforcing, workers return to their old behaviors. Safety Buy-in, on the other hand, survives enforcement and continues even when no one is watching. When people buy-in to safety, it becomes a personal value. Then, your people choose safety without being told. As a safety manager, you must get your people to the buy-in stage to sustain a successful safety culture. Kevin Burns is a specialist in human motivation and safety performance and can help you build buy-in to safety with your people.

2Negative Reinforcement Is Not Working - Gruesome photos, videos and gut-wrenching stories and presentations of people who have been injured are old, tired and just don't work anymore. Your people don't want to be told over and over what "not" to do. They don't need to hear a message of "don't do what I did." They want a blueprint for success in safety - something more than rules and procedures. Avoidance of failure is not the same as achieving success. Kevin Burns brings his unique and refreshingly high-energy style to safety meetings using positive examples of achieving safety success. Kevin offers your people real strategies and ideas to move them from simple compliance to safety leadership.

3Safety Managers Need To Keep It Fresh - It's tough for the same people to be responsible for the same messaging day-in and day-out without boring your people. People don't want to hear, over and over again, the same message of "do this, but don't do that" in safety. Your people are tired of the redundancy. You need a fresh approach to getting your people to do more than just basic minimum compliance. You need to get safety buy-in from your employees through new ideas and communication strategies. Kevin Burns keeps it fresh. Kevin is able to wrap his safety leadership strategies around your workplace safety culture. Kevin Burns inspires each person's individual motivation to keep their own personal safety top-of-mind.

4Safety Is Evolving - What may have worked yesterday doesn't work today. Safety is evolving, changing and growing with new ideas, strategies and especially people. New workers are turning their backs on old compliance programs. Safety is seeping into white-collar areas. Acceptance of new safety values are on an upswing - but not through old safety ideas. Safety is going mainstream. You MUST keep current. Your organization can not afford to fall behind in emerging safety trends. Author/speaker Kevin Burns has his finger on the pulse of new trends in safety. With his focus on staying ahead of the safety curve, Kevin can help your people buy into safety in a way that traditional safety speakers and injury-survivor-turned-speaker simply can not.

Kevin Burns' presentation will be the most refreshing safety meeting your people have ever attended. Kevin wants to help your people buy-in to safety for themselves by providing a positive strategy for safety success.