Change the safety conversation.
Save thousands of trial-and-error hours.
Get employee buy-in to safety.

Safety? What's in it for employees?

Sound familiar?

  • Your employees are tired of hearing the same safety reminders.
  • Supervisors want fresh safety topics for their crew huddles.
  • You wish employees could see their win in getting behind the safety program.
  • Everyone's tired of gut-wrenching stories of injury and you want a positive focus on safety.

To keep your team engaged in safety, you need to keep their attention.

Too many safety conversations are focused on what the company needs them to do. But that’s only what the company gets.

The most efficient way to build attention and engagement is to talk about how safety benefits the employees.

What employee wouldn't want to talk about “what’s in it for them?” It's time to change the safety conversation.

52 Benefits of Safety

52 Benefits of Safety is a 52-week video series dedicated to engaging front-line employees and their supervisors in safety. Each week a new video. 

  • No more fumbling around for new things to discuss at safety huddles.
  • No more complaints from supervisors that they need fresh topics.
  • No more eye-rolling from employees when the discussion turns to safety.
  • Just play the video on a mobile device or computer and then discuss it with your team.

Hundreds of frontline supervisors had input

For over 3 years, our client supervisors have been discussing how safety benefits their employees. It was so powerful, we created a video series to share it.

  • 52 reasons to get behind the safety program.
  • 52 ways that employees benefit directly from working safely.
  • 52 weekly safety moments to talk about how employees benefit from safety.

52 Benefits of Safety changes the safety conversation.

3 steps to better safety meeting engagement


Watch the weekly video

Gather your people to watch the video during a meeting (on a mobile device or computer). Press play. Watch.


Talk about the content

After the video, ask your team a follow-up question. Go around the group. Hear everyone's feedback. Discuss.


Get team buy-in to safety

Everything is covered. Even the most safety-resistant employees can't possibly have 52 excuses for turning their backs on safety. Engage them.

"I feel more confident about how I approach my guys, how we work together, being sensitive to each other, and making our teams better, both in operations and safety."

- Mike S.


"I've got a better insight into our employees, their perspective of safety, and what they expect from me. It's improved how our company gets commitment to safety."

- Herbie W.


Stop settling for boring safety conversations! 

With the 52 Benefits of Safety video series your employees will understand 52 good reasons for staying safe. Instead of feeling like they're attending a death march each time there's a meeting, now they'll look forward to engaging in conversations with tangible takeaways that offer valuable rewards!

Every week for one year we provide fresh videos jam-packed full of reasons why every employee should get behind the safety mission. With real-life examples, this series helps employees reveal what's in it for them as they discover new ways to be safe at work.

Transform your team from dreading mandatory meetings into eagerly anticipating weekly videos full of information about how everyone wins when we prioritize being safe.

Get ready to take employee enthusiasm and engagement in your workplace up a notch with 52 Benefits of Safety