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Safety buy-in isn't a rules and process problem. It's a marketing problem.

Face it, if rules enforcement, processes and procedures had the power to create employee buy-in, it would have been done by now. But, safety processes and rules don't create employee buy-in. They don't capture hearts and minds. Marketing does.

Educating your employees about the company's safety goals and motivating them to be enthusiastic about meeting those goals isn’t easy. Your employees are critical stakeholders who must be convinced of your organization's safety vision. You need an internal marketing strategy and campaign to reach them effectively.


Cheesy safety slogans actually hurt your safety program.

kevin-marketing-strategy-speakingGeneric Safety First and Everyone Goes Home Safe messages don't work. Worse yet, they hurt your safety program and the credibility of the safety department. They make the whole idea of safety generic and impersonal.

Employees don't buy-in because these cheesy slogans don't resonate. 

You need a custom strategy and campaign that captures the hearts and minds of every employee. It needs to be specific to your organization and personal to them to get them working toward common goals in safety.


A custom safety marketing strategy and campaign connects your people to your corporate values.

IM3To be a compelling safety message and to resonate with your people at the front-line, your message must be created specifically for them.

Over 3 consecutive days, either in-office or retreat-style, we will work toward creating a safety campaign that your people will feel good about rallying around. Together, we will create a strategy to create a movement of safety-minded employees willing to look out for each other.

You will be surprised at how effective a solid safety marketing campaign can save you hours of explanations and reminders. It can rally your people to want to be part of your safety program. Best of all, it will help you capture hearts and minds.

Let's create an internal marketing strategy to raise the profile of safety, build enthusiasm for it, increase motivation and help you establish safety as the foundation of your culture. 

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