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Strategies and Ideas To Create Exceptional Personal Leadership In Safety

5 Great Reasons to Subscribe to the ZeroSpeak Safety Leadership Blog

1Safety Leaders Don't Require Compliance Policing - Compliance is a short-term safety strategy that needs enforcement, over and over again. If you stop enforcing, workers return to their old behaviors. Safety leaders, on the other hand, do the right thing even when no one is looking. When people choose to become safety leaders in their own lives, they make safety a personal value. When safety becomes a personal value, people choose safety without being told. ZeroSpeak is designed to help give ordinary people the skills to be come extraordinary safety leaders.

2Negative Reinforcement Does Not Work - Gruesome photos, videos and gut-wrenching stories and presentations of people who have been injured in workplace accidents is fraught with inconsistencies. People who care about their own safety don't want to be told over and over what "not" to do. They don't need to hear a message of "don't do what I did." They want a blueprint for success in safety that is more than rules and procedures. Most safety plans are based on avoiding failure - which is what rules and procedures are. Avoidance of failure is not the same as achieving success. So, is your safety strategy avoiding failure or achieving success? ZeroSpeak is full of strategies and ideas to move you to safety success.

3Safety Needs To Keep It Fresh - It's tough to re-iterate, over and over again, the same message of "do this, but don't do that" in safety. People tire of the redundancy of the same safety messages. Safety needs a fresh approach to getting people to do more than just basic minimum compliance. Employees are encouraged to become leaders in their own lives through new ideas and communication strategies. ZeroSpeak keeps it fresh with new approaches, strategies and ideas. Safety, after all, is largely dependant on marketing. When marketing efforts fall off (people are not being reminded of safety), incident numbers rise. ZeroSpeak inspires motivation to keep the safety marketing going.

4Performance Is Being Measured - Just like the results of the safety plan, your performance is being measured. Are you a safety "cop" or safety "leader?" Safety cops build rules and police and enforce their job sites. Safety leaders coach, inspire, motivate, mentor and communicate with their fellow workers. Safety leaders communicate with employees in a way that makes workers want to buy-in to safety for themselves - to become leaders in their own lives. ZeroSpeak can help with relevant leadership strategies for everyone in safety.

5Safety Is Evolving - This is not your father's safety program anymore. Safety is evolving, changing and growing with new ideas, strategies and especially people. There are more safety personnel than anytime in history. New workers are not buying into compliance programs. Acceptance of safety is growing. Safety is going mainstream. You MUST keep current. ZeroSpeak can help with that. Author/speaker Kevin Burns has his finger on the pulse of new trends in safety and leadership. You will find it here on ZeroSpeak first!