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"Supervisors and managers from every industry should read this book."

Do you want employees and contractors to take safety seriously without being forced? PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety presents decades of experience for becoming a better communicator, coach, and leader.

Supervisors, managers – no matter your industry – this book is essential reading if you are looking to engage with people on the subject of workplace safety voluntarily!

There are so many exceptional concepts presented in this book that it should be required reading for all supervisors and managers.
- Ritch P.

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author-w-book_sm"Kevin Burns makes safety personal and interesting."

Kevin Burns' book to help you become a successful communicator, coach, and leader goes beyond theoretical knowledge - it contains years of wisdom on how to make safety meaningful.

His M4 Method™ provides an innovative way for employees to care about their own health and well-being while developing teams that embrace safety!

This book represents a shift in the fundamentals of workplace safety. This should be on the desk, bedside table and dashboard of every work truck. - John Q.


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PeopleWork does an exceptional job of replacing process. It brings an element of people, care, and concern back to safety which is what really affects outcomes in the field. Kevin Burns makes safety personal and interesting. - Marty P.


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