Clarify the safety message.
Sharpen your safety communications.
Get employee buy-in to safety.

The roadmap to create a clear message of safety that resonates with your team.

Is anyone listening?

Tired of employees tuning out your safety messages?

Frustrated that nothing seems to stick for long?

Feel like it's another flavor-of-the-week safety initiative?

Confusing safety messages, generic downloaded safety slogans, and graphic injury posters don't work.

You've got to speak in a language that your employees can relate to. Something that resonates with them and creates energy for safety.

The right message is powerful

Instead of sinking wasted hours and money into trial-and-error safety initiatives, use our proven roadmap.

Our PeopleWork Communications program can save time and energy by providing a powerful framework for crafting an engaging safety message that will inspire & motivate others!

Once you have your clear, focused message of safety, we help you create an internal marketing strategy to roll it out to your employees.

Start RYT

Our RYT Program, or Rally Your Team program gathers 8-10 of your creative, safety-focused problem solvers from all levels of the organization for a half-day virtual roundtable. 

Led by award-winning author and consultant Kevin Burns, the RYT program will help you craft a laser-focused message of safety that cuts through other noise and rallies everyone around safety.

You'll save time, generate employee engagement, and improve safety outcomes!

Finish strong

Once you have crafted your unique, custom message of safety, then it's time to roll it out to employees. 

This is where we help you craft your own PeopleWork Communications internal marketing strategy that is effective at winning the hearts and minds of employees in safety. 

Working with your team over a 3-month period, we help you to get ready to have your people rally around safety.

3 Steps to Improved Safety Communications


Pick your team

Find 8-10 safety-focused minds and gather them in our virtual roundtable.


Work our plan

Follow our roadmap to create your own unique safety communications.


Get buy-in

Launch the plan and connect with employees to energize them to get behind safety.

Create a clear, custom safety message that works.

Is your team getting tired of hearing the same generic safety messages over and over again? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to be clicking with them? It's time for a new approach!

PeopleWork Communications provides an easy solution to create your own personalized safety message to engage employees in their own workplace safety.

This powerful program helps improve the safety culture. Save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration by crafting an effective and memorable message quickly.

Take action now and start creating your own customized communication message that resonates with your people today!

Fill out the form using your business email address and Kevin Burns will respond to set up a Zoom call.