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The four cornerstones of the M4 Method™.

Too many safety programs promise to capture employee hearts and minds but only focus on one or two areas. That's because the authors of those programs lack the understanding of how you need a well-rounded approach to specifically four different areas.

The M4 Method™ as written extensively about in PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety is the basis of all of the programs and materials available here. Whether you're seeking an excellent way to re-introduce safety to your crew, to move the safety program toward a goal, to improve levels of employee buy-in, or to crush complacency in safety, this method lays it out. The M4 Method™ addresses these four areas:

  • Management: We start with the influencers in relation to the hearts and minds of employees; the supervisors. If any safety improvement plan is going to succeed, it needs the support of the front-line supervisors. 
  • Meetings: Do your people look forward to your safety meetings? Seriously. To capture hearts and minds, meetings must be engaging, enjoyable and entertaining. We ramp up the levels of participation, then look for employee buy-in and participation at the safety meetings.
  • Marketing: Rules, processes and paperwork don't connect with employees. How you talk to them does. This is your communications strategy for safety and to connect hearts and minds. We remove what isn't working. And we develop a strategy for positive messaging to improve the safety culture.
  • Motivation: The whole plan falls apart if no one is motivated to make it happen. It is here that separates the exceptional organizations from the mediocre ones. In this section we ask for the commitment of the employees to dedicate their attention to safety. We capture hearts and minds. Then we work to keep morale high, focused and invested in helping you to reach your goals.

You can read more about the M4 Method™  in my book, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety.

You need hearts and minds for sustained safety improvement.

You can try to sustain an improvement in safety by using only process, procedure, rules and enforcement. But it is so much easier if you get your people on-side. When your people show up to work engaged, focused, motivated and committed to giving their best performance, your work is infinitely easier. That happens when you have captured the hearts and minds of your people in safety.

The M4 Method™ helps you get there easier and faster. Every part of the M4 Method™ has worked for other organizations. Now, this multi-faceted approach is available in one intensive method. Are you in? Or will you continue to be complacent about safety?

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