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Positive safety meetings to create employee buy-in

A sad injury story from 30 years ago, and graphic images of workplace accidents, aren't going to fix safety performance. Neither are endless PowerPoint slides of graphs, charts, and numbers. 

The last thing you want is for your employees to feel like they're sitting through a death march every time they attend a mandatory meeting.

No more boring safety meetings

You need a plan to engage and uplift your team at safety meetings. (Psst, we wrote the book on that).

Ensure employees don't tune out your safety meetings. Instead, let's create engaging and inspiring meetings that employees can't wait to participate in.


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Introducing our Safety Meetings Program.

A new way to make your safety meetings more engaging and inspiring.

Kevin Burns has spoken to tens of thousands of front-line employees about the benefits of embracing safety and stepping up to be leaders in their own lives. Over that time, he has seen what works in safety meetings, and what doesn't. 

We want you to have the tools to organize and deliver outstanding safety meetings every time. 

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Safety meetings made easy

It's time to shake up your safety meeting. Our program makes it easy to create engaging, memorable safety meetings that employees actually look forward to.

Safety isn't boring. It's the people who present at safety meetings who are boring. Even the meeting format can be boring too.

In our safety meetings program, we help structure your safety meetings from the perspective of employee engagement and participation. Then, once you've got a winning format for your safety meeting, we attend that meeting with you and Kevin Burns delivers an outstanding presentation on safety leadership. 

And it's all done streaming live. 

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The 3-Step Process for engaging safety meetings

Safety Meetings Infographic


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