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Safety culture through employee participation.

COVID-19 has created a focus on the importance of safety. Now, we want employees to embrace the safety program. But it's hard to do when safety is presented in terms of only protocols, paperwork and procedures.

Truthfully, we don't need more safety processes. We need more employees to buy-in to what we are trying to do in safety.

That takes a very different set of skills, tools and strategies.

Our innovative programs combine safety-focused communications, with internal coaching programs, and frontline supervisory leadership training.

These prgrams are designed to build genuine employee participation and ownership of safety which result in improving your safety culture.

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The largest influence on an employee in safety is the example of the supervisor.

Employees do what their supervisors do.

The largest amount of activity, largest number of people, and the greatest number of safety incidents occur at the frontline.

No one has more of an influence on frontline employees, safety performance, production, morale, motivation, communications, or coaching than the supervisor.

Frontline supervisors or lead hands, foremen, team leads, anyone who oversees another person or group of people. Especially the people who oversee your frontline crews.

The frontline supervisor has the largest influence on frontline crews. And that includes having influence in safety and buy-in to the safety program.

So, why is it so important to accept that supervisors carry so much influence?

Because employees do what supervisors do.

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Create safety communications that resonate. Rally your team. Build employee buy-in to safety.

Create the RYT message to Rally Your Team.

You feel like you talk endlessly about safety but it doesn’t seem to stick. So, you try something else. Still, no consistent results. 

When dealing with inconsistent safety performance and employee buy-in, the first place to look is your safety message.

Is it a strong, clear and concise message of safety that resonates with employees to get everyone working toward the same safety goals?

A targeted, clear safety awareness campaign can rally people around safety. In this 90-day communications program, we get your safety message RYT.

RYT stands for Rally Your Team and that's exactly what we will do together.

We bring your focused group of employees, safety personnel, and management around the virtual boardroom table where we create your own, custom RYT Statement.

Your RYT Statement becomes the foundation of your safety communications and culture.

Your RYT Statement can be your best tool to rally your team together, to battle complacency and build better teamwork. A statement that connects with employees, makes them proud of the safety program, and creates buy-in.

Give your team something to look forward to. Give them a mission to accomplish together.

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Positive virtual safety speaking presentations
to inspire front-line employees.

A positive and uplifting virtual message of safety.

For nearly 25 years, Kevin Burns has been presenting a positive message of personal safety leadership in-person to over 100,000 people in over 1,000 companies and organizations across North America.

Now, times are different. Now we have to find an effective way to reach people meaningfully using technology.

Don't make your people hate online meetings by employing bad webinars and voice-over-PowerPoint onslaughts as acceptable safety meetings. 

stidioKevBurns Learning has built an Internet streaming broadcast center to promote safety and help companies engage their employees in safety.

Our broadcast center uses multiple cameras, video segments, whiteboarding, troubleshooting, problem-solving and, yes, the occassional PowerPoint slide. (That is part of our studio pictured.)

Our Internet-based streaming safety programs are far more engaging than anything you have ever experienced online.

We believe that valuable meetings inspire employees. Safety meetings should create a desire for employees to step up and embace safety as a lifestyle choice - not a compliance program.

Create safety meetings that resonate with employees. Motivate employees to become safety leaders.

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I got into safety by accident; just not the kind that creates a sad story to tell from the stage.

Two decades ago, while working to improve the leadership skills of a senior management team, their CEO suggested my message would be a perfect fit for their front-line employees.

We arranged to work with their safety department to prepare a similar leadership presentation focused on safety. It was a home run and a welcome change up from the typical compliance lectures and rule preaching.

That started what has now become an exclusive focus on providing strategies and tools to solve challenges in safety performance, to create employee buy-in, and to capture the hearts and minds of the people tasked with doing safety every day. 

We are still at the leading edge of innovation using technology and strategies that effectively engage employees in safety.