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Safety through employee buy-in.

You want employees to embrace the safety program. But it's hard to do when safety is presented in terms of only protocols, paperwork and procedures coupled with compliance, control, and consequences.

Truthfully, you don't need more safety. You need more employees to buy-in to safety.

That takes a very different approach.


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The 3-Step Plan for Safety Buy-in

Step 1: Clarify your safety message.

A clear, focused message to create safety buy-in

You feel like you talk endlessly about safety but it doesn’t seem to stick. When dealing with inconsistent safety performance and lack of employee buy-in, the first place to look is your safety message.

A strong, clear and concise message of safety that resonates with employees can get everyone working toward the same safety goals. That message can rally people around safety.

Get your safety message RYT.

RYT stands for Rally Your Team.

Create a RYT Statement that becomes the foundation of your safety messaging, communications and culture. Go to the RYT Program page. Click below.

Go to RYT Program

Step 2: Build supervisor support for safety. 

Support supervisors to lead safety performance.

The greatest influence on a frontline employees' buy-in to safety performance, production, morale, motivation, communications, and coaching is the front-line supervisors. Yet, supervisors don't get the skills that front-line employees require most.

Supervisors need leadership skills to effectively support safety. 

The Safety Communications & Coaching for Supervisors Program (SCCS) was created to ensure supervisors are equipped to support safety, to be able to coach their teams and to be examples of safety leadership. Leadership drives employee buy-in to safety.

Go to the SCCS Program page to find out more about supervisors' leadership skills.

Go to SCCS Program

Step 3: Get employee buy-in to safety.

Positive meetings and communications for employee buy-in.

Don't make employees hate safety meetings by employing bad webinars and voice-over-PowerPoint onslaughts. No employee would ever buy-in to bad meetings.

Valuable safety meetings need to inspire employees. Safety meetings should create a desire for employees to step up and buy-in to safety as a lifestyle choice - not a compliance program.

Create communications and safety meetings that resonate with employees. Find out more about our approach to front-line safety meetings. Click the link below.

Go to Safety Meetings

I got into safety by accident, without a sad story.

Two decades ago, while working to improve the leadership skills of a senior management team, their CEO suggested my message would be a perfect fit for their front-line employees.

We arranged to work with their safety department to prepare a similar leadership presentation focused on safety. It was a home run and a welcome change up from the typical compliance lectures and rule preaching.

That started what has now become an exclusive focus on providing strategies and tools to solve challenges in safety performance, and to create employee buy-into safety. 

KevBurns Learning's technology and strategies effectively engage employees in safety. Find out how our programs can work for you.

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