Step 1: Build supervisor leadership skills.

Empower supervisors to lead the safety program.

Supervisors play a key role in creating an impactful safety culture. However, their leadership capacities need to be tapped into and strengthened for success.

Our PeopleWork Supervisor program is designed exclusively with supervisors in mind. 8 weeks of daily short video modules followed by 44 weeks of continuing weekly videos plus bi-weekly live Zoom coaching sessions – all providing the knowledge & guidance necessary to help enrich your employees’ safety performance!

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Step 2: Clarify and simplify the safety message.

Create a clear, custom safety message that works.

Is your team getting tired of hearing the same generic safety messages over and over again? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to be clicking with them? It's time for a new approach!

PeopleWork Communications provides an easy solution to create your own personalized safety message to engage employees in their own workplace safety. This powerful program helps improve the safety culture. Save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration by crafting an effective and memorable message quickly.

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Step 3: Engage employees with the benefits of safety.

To get employee buy-in, focus on safety's benefits.

Are you looking to get meaningful buy-in to safety from your employees? The old way of focusing on compliance and regurgitating bad safety cliches is a thing of the past.

Get ready for something new - our 52 Benefits of Safety video learning program!

With weekly videos delivered directly to your front-line workers, they'll be inspired by improving their own life and performance while embracing an overall culture of safe working practices.

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This is our plan to improve safety. Are you in?