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Programs that improve culture by connecting hearts and minds of employees to safety.

Your challenge is to get your employees to want to play an active part in the safety program, to look out for each other, and to take ownership of their role in safety. You really want your people to understand how important safety is to you. But it's hard to do when safety is presented in terms of rules, legislation, paperwork and procedures. Check-boxes do not get hearts and minds.

So instead, we turn your safety program into something that connects hearts and minds, improves buy-in, curbs complacency and builds teamwork. We create a program that rallies your people around a common mindset: do our best work and look out for each other. And we do it through structured programs that run from one-hour to thirty days. There is a program that can work for you.

So, where would you like to improve today?

You say you want hearts and minds, but is your safety program getting you that result?

The Hearts & Minds Strategy

The Hearts & Minds Strategy is a 30-day program that gets your organization focused on setting you up to capture the hearts and minds of employees, to get their engagement and focus in safety, to build on positives and to overcome safety complacency.

The Hearts & Minds Strategy is a get-down-to-business approach for organizations looking for drastic, positive improvements in their safety performance in the shortest amount of time. Rolling up my sleeves and getting involved with your team is my approach. We work directly together with the aim to improve morale, inspire better teamwork, build great communication and motivation, and crush complacency dead.

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Safety requires an internal marketing strategy to ensure buy-in and performance.

Marketing for Employee Buy-in

You feel like you talk endlessly about safety. Yet, it feels as though the message doesn’t stick. So, you try something else. Still, no consistent results. Some days your safety performance is great. Other days, you wonder if your team was listening at all.

When dealing with inconsistent safety performance and employee buy-in to safety, the first place to look is how you communicate with your people. You need a strong message of safety that resonates in the hearts and minds of employees to get everyone working toward safety goals.

Marketing for Employee Buy-in does just that. Over 3 days (in-office or retreat style), we will work together to get the message right. We will build a plan for creating an internal safety marketing campaign that will capture hearts and minds, and rally your people around buying-in to safety.

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Positive speaking presentations that inspire your people to step-up and be safety leaders.

Teamwork-based Safety Speaking

Professional coaches don’t use the pre-game meeting with players to review rules or gut-wrenching stories of what went wrong years ago. They use their meetings to motivate, to create a desire to want to step-up, and be leaders. They create a championship team mindset. Championships teams connect with the hearts and minds of their players.

For over 20 years, I’ve been presenting a positive message of safety leadership to tens of thousands of people in hundreds of companies and organizations across North America.

Wrapping my message around your corporate values, you’re not just getting a speech. You’re getting a partner to compliment your existing safety program: something that motivates, inspires and builds better team awareness of safety.

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I got into safety by accident; just not the kind that creates a sad story to tell from the stage.

Two decades ago, I found myself working to improve the leadership skills of a senior management team when their CEO suggested my message would be a perfect fit for their front-line employees.

We arranged to have me work with their safety department to prepare a similar leadership presentation focused on safety. It was a home run and a welcome change up from the typical compliance lectures and rule preaching.

That started what has now become an exclusive focus on providing strategies and solutions to solve challenges in safety performance, to create employee buy-in, and to capture the hearts and minds of the people tasked with doing safety every day. I've been connecting hearts and minds for over 20 years.