Programs to build leadership.
Programs to build safety culture.
Programs to build employee buy-in.

Companies tell us that ours is the best training they've ever been involved with.

PeopleWork Supervisor

Our flagship leadership program for front-line supervisors. They'll gain the essential skills needed for successful coaching, motivation, communication, and trust-building that are vital to driving a culture of workplace safety!

Monday Mentor

Monday Mentor is a follow-up program for graduates of the PeopleWork Supervisor 8-week program. Monday Mentor is 44 weeks of Monday morning videos designed to continue the development of your front-line supervisors.

Rally Your Team

The RYT Program (Rally Your Team) is part of our PeopleWork Communications program to build a focused message of safety, something that resonates with employees. And to use that message as part of an internal marketing strategy to create a winning safety culture.

52 Benefits of Safety

This program is aimed at winning over front-line employees in getting buy-in to safety. 52 weekly videos that focus on the benefits that employees get directly from safety. 52 weekly safety moments for safety meetings.

PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety

The book that started it all. An international bestseller and chosen No. 7 of the Top Workplace Safety Books of All Time in 2020 by 

PeopleWork is changing how companies do safety.

Let Kevin tell you what's in the book and why you should read it.

Three ways you can work with us (but #3 is best).


Read the Book

Every client we work with for a year at a time usually starts here. They read a copy of PeopleWork and then say to us, "OK make it happen." And we do.



Pick the program that resonates most and the one that you think will deliver what your people need now.


The One-Year Plan

It's the Everything-We-Have-To-Offer program over one full year. Kevin Burns works directly with your supervisors, managers, and frontline teams.

"PeopleWork Supervisor was such an eye-opener. This is the best training I've ever been involved with. The model of everyone participating has been outstanding." 

- Ben


"Thank you for your expertise.  It is a tremendous kick-off to our 3-year initiative to demonstrate a better way of engaging workers in owning safer and healthier workplaces."

- Roberta



Micro-learning trains your people faster.

Hands down, micro-learning is the most efficient way to train and educate in a corporate environment.

You benefit directly from our combination of short daily video lessons, weekly email learning videos, and group coaching via Zoom and our new Asynchronous Video Coaching. It's designed to make it easy for any crew - in any time zone - at any time of the day or night - to access top-quality learning quickly.

Say goodbye to lengthy computer modules and sitting through boring classes. With just a computer or mobile device plus an internet connection, you need less than 10 minutes a day to harness the skills and tools to create an upbeat, fun, positive approach to safety and leadership!

And it will change your safety culture.

Your company doesn’t have faulty safety procedures. You have a lack of buy-in from employees. That takes a different approach. We have the plan.

Let's start a conversation

Kevin Burns is a firm believer that safety should be seen as more than just compliance, but also an organizational tool to create positive change.

He has dedicated himself to developing a new way of viewing workplace safety through his international bestseller PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety and puts those ideals into practice by facilitating each coaching session with enthusiasm and genuine care for success.

Let's set up a Zoom meeting to have a conversation about both your challenges and successes. We are happy to answer any questions you have about how our programs can play a role in strengthening both safety culture and supervisor leadership. 

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