Supervisors Are Key to Improving Safety

Front-line supervisors who find themselves thrust into the position without a lot of tools to get started can benefit greatly from our program, PeopleWork Supervisor.

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Supervisors set the standard.

Employees do what their supervisors do. When a supervisor buys-in to safety, it sets a standard for how front-line employees do their work. If that’s the standard you’d like to see each of your supervisors develop, then you need to get supervisors on-board with the safety program.

We know that employees don’t always follow safety. Supervisors, though, who make safety the standard of “how we do things ‘round here,” don’t feel the frustration of having to chase their crews into compliance. Look inside most any organization and you will notice that safety performance varies greatly from one crew to another simply because of the supervisor in charge.

And it can largely be attributed to a lack of preparation and training for the employee who gets moved up into the supervisor’s position. Too many supervisors get moved up by either seniority or their ability to be able to do the job. But ability to do the job isn’t the most important factor once they become a supervisor. A 20-year steamfitter’s ticket isn’t much use when the job is motivating, coaching and communicating. A ten-year award for front-line customer service isn't terribly helpful when your team starts sliding toward safety complacency.

A course specifically designed for supervisor's mindset

That’s exactly the point behind the development of the new online learning program: PeopleWork Supervisor. Front-line supervisors who find themselves thrust into the position without a lot of tools to get started can benefit greatly from this program. The course brings together all of the necessary skills for front-line supervisors: building teams, mentoring, coaching, communications, motivation and safety values. 

In this course, we equip front-line supervisors to become better communicators and coaches who get the trust and respect of their teams. To become much better leaders, and trusted influencers. And to influence their crew members to value themselves and each other.

It’s an eight-week program of daily short videos for supervisors, foremen, lead hands, and even front-line managers to listen on the go.

After taking this course, front-line supervisors are going to walk away with new skills, tools, and a new approach and mindset to getting better results in performance and safety. The front-line supervisor will become a better communicator and coach who gets the trust and respect of their teams.

The first full lesson is a Free Preview

I encourage anyone in management or the safety department to take the Free Preview and decide for themselves whether there would be great value for the entire front-line supervisory staff to each take PeopleWork Supervisor. Since no one interacts more with front-line employees than the front-line supervisor, then that’s where the training and support needs to go.

Supervisors ARE the key to improving safety. And this course shows supervisors how to do it.

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Kevin Burns, consultant/author, works with smart, caring companies to energize safety culture, build teamwork, and get employee buy-in. KevBurns Learning is committed to to helping companies improve safety by improving people, through creative learning materials, virtual strategy sessions, safety meeting presentations, and team coaching programs.

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